The registration fee is € 50.00; you can register by filling out
OBLIGATORY the New subscription form. New Subscription.

For renewal it is sufficient to perform a bank transfer as per instructions in the
Renewal registration section..

NEW Members will receive confirmation of their registration 
within 30 days of receipt of the transfer of the registration fee.

We will ship the cards + gadgets every three months.. 
Direct delivery to those who attend the meeting in person is also provided;

The new subscribers MUST fill in the form on the site through the link "Iscriviti al barchetta Club Italia" on the menu "Iscrizioni" or the link "New Subscription" of this page, otherwise it will not be possible to enable them.
Once enabled, they will be notified e-mail.

Who has already been a member and renews the membership MUST NOT perform the registration, your data is already present and your login will be enabled as soon as we receive the bank transfer.

All conventions to which Ordinary Members will be entitled, in quality, will be valid starting from the thirtieth day after receipt of the registration fee.


The figure of Supporting Member is specifically designed to allow
all those who do not own a barchetta, who love it, adore the outdoors and actively want to contribute to the life of the Club, to enroll in the "barchetta Club Italia" and participate in organized meetings, to the numerous invitations of other Associations, to freely consult the pages of the site.

It addresses:

1) EXCLUSIVELY to those who do not own a barchetta and to the family members / wives / relatives of an Ordinary Member;
2) € 10,00 for the registration fee;
3) with a simplified card (on the basis of the one envisaged for Ordinary Members, but with the words SOCIO SOSTENITORE);
4) participation fee equal to that for Ordinary Members, without the 10% surcharge for those who own a barchetta but are not Club Members;
5) inserted in a special list;
6) no gadget;
7) no voting rights.

All Members are kindly requested to communicate any variation, possibly exceeded, of personal data
compared to the first registration with the "b.C.I.", in order to update the database and for timely and efficient communications..
Thank you!

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